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Organizational-CJHG Stainless Casting Machinery Co.,Ltd
Organizational-CJHG Stainless Casting Machinery Co.,Ltd
Organizational-CJHG Stainless Casting Machinery Co.,Ltd
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Production Process
Precision Casting:Molding wax mold system→stripping syetem shell casting→baking finishing→test→storage
Loe temperature wax,silica production process
Centrifugal cast pipe:Burden ready→melting→casting→finishing→test→storage

Introduction of technology
Casting:Investment casting is wrapped in wax mold to form refractory ceramic shell mold, then pouring molen metal into the ceranic shell mold Division method made products.
Precision machined parts:We have a wealth of industry experience and advanced processing equipment technology in the field of precision machining, we can provide customers with a variety of materials, batch size,precision machining parts. We have a five-axis and four-axis machining centers,milling compound machining centers, CNC lathes, cylindrical grinding, internal grinding and centerless grinding, and other advanced equipment that can handle a variety of processes,including precision honing, deburring, hard drive, high-precision cylindrical frame work ang other special craft, but also with the heat treatment, surface treatment, physical and chemical laboratories and other facilities.
Sand Castings:Producd by sand casting molten metal is poured into the cavity formed in the sand product.

We might be able to produce thin-walled,complex and dimensional accuracy demanding Sand Castings konwn in the industry.

Leadind manufacturing equipment and advanced technology allows us the flexiblity to meet the needs of small quantities to large quantities of sand casting,and we can produce as little as 0.3 kg to 2 tons of large sand casting.

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